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Milton Plumber

Vaughan Plumbing provides plumbing and heating services in Milton, MA and throughout Greater Boston.

"I hired these guys for a remodel job after a lot of research. Their price was in my budget and they were courteous from start to finish. No red carpet service needed. Good communication throughout the process from start to finish." - Ken, a plumbing customer from Milton



Rainey days and Mondays; we're there 



Established in 2008.

I have always had a strong work ethic and desire to help out others. I have been in the trade since I was sixteen years old, and I wanted to be able to use my skills to bring top-notch service to residential customers. I founded Vaughan Plumbing and Heating in 2008 since I felt starting my own plumbing business would further enable me to help out communities and people. Over the last decade, I have grown with my business and now employ 8 employees who share my idea of a business that is committed to you and the Greater Boston community.






We look forward to hearing from you...


(617) 293-4186

(781) 686-5049

Text message (781) 570-5175

1 Westinghouse Plaza

Hyde Park, MA 02136 

Thank you!


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