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New home buyers tips


Top 10 home buyers tips!  Plumbing...




1-  Check incoming water main.  It may be lead or galvanized--not a good long term condition.  Look for copper pipes coming through the foundation. If the home is a long distance from the street or on a hill,  replacement can get very expensive.  Water is fresher and has less contaminates when flushed, so best to have a shower in the morning before using faucets for drinking water.  If you have old style faucets the older the faucet the more lead it contains, always best to run water for a few seconds before drinking.



2-  Boiler-  An old boiler can run happily for years, it's when it breaks down repair costs can get expensive.  Look for rust stains on piping, scorched marks around boiler & soot on the boiler.



3- Brass piping-- the pipe itself is strong, the threaded connections are not.  If the home has brass from basement to bathrooms,  buyer beware!



4- Typically if the basement is a mess with pipes & wires hanging everywhere- its a sign the whole house is that way.  Look for signs that the home owner was a career handyman.



5- The basement may be filled with water shut offs- only one counts the main house shut off.



6-  Old 3 handle shower valves are illegal by code- it's a good sign that the plumbing has never been updated.  Install a temperature control valve right away.



7- 100 year old pipes may be old but they were installed by tradesmen; they didn't have cell phones or internet to call on to get the job done. 



8-  Check ceilings for stains- especially under bathrooms.



9-  Check water pressure-  State code is 80 PSI max, a PRV valves can be intalled easily.



10-  Please remember all plumbers are not the same! Some do remodeling, commercial, HVAC/ heating/AC/ drain cleaning.... We specialize in service & home repair; and can give you a honest evaluation of your problem.  There are 2 ways to do everything-- right and wrong.  The wrong way keeps us in business as the quality of work wasn't designed to last.