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Natural gas! Yes we do that!


Converting your gas stove with an electric stove,

congratulations we can help!


  • You will need an electrician to run a new 220 volt circuit, please get a consultation before ordering an electrical or hybrid stove. 
  • The plumber shuts off the gas & caps the line, either right there, behind the wall or under the floor.
  • You will need your old gas stove disconnected for the haul away, when getting your new electric stove delivered.


Vaughan Plumbing and heatings favorite electric stove! 




  • If you smell gas in your home, call your gas supplier right away; they will advise you on the next steps and offer 24 hour emergency assistance 
  • Insure all your carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order, most need replaced every 6 to 10 years, if your system is 1 day old or 50 years old it doesn't matter, you need them. Things were built a lot better before You Tube came along. 

Community spirit!

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